Education Perspectives

EP 6 Julie Pile and Laura Gilchrist with ParentCamp

March 23, 2023 Liza Holland Season 1 Episode 6
Education Perspectives
EP 6 Julie Pile and Laura Gilchrist with ParentCamp
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Show Notes


Parent Camp Julie Pile and Laura Gilchrist

Quote of the Podcast – 

Leaders don't force people to follow, they invite the on the journey. - Ramesh Nanda Aggarwal

Introduction of Guests - 

Julie Pile is the President of ParentCamp and is the "parent" side of the house. A dedicated volunteer, Julie has been impacting schools for many years. She was elected to the Boone County School Board in 2018 and has served as a Parent Ambassador in the Boone County School System. Also in 2018, she was named to the inaugural class of the EdTrust Fund Parent Fellowship class. In 2017, Julie was named the inaugural recipient of the Beverly Nickels Raimondo Kentucky Parent Leadership Award named after the found of the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership. In 2015 she was recognized as the Bammy Award People’s Choice Parent Leadership recipient. She has served in multiple PTA positions including Vice President of Communications for the Kentucky State PTA and past President of the recently formed Boone County High School PTSA.

Laura Gilchrist is a teacher turned consultant who is on a mission as ParentCamp Vice-President to teach every family-school-community how to come together in joyful connection and collaboration as ONE TEAM, ONE ECOSYSTEM for kids. The big goal is Family-School-Community-Integration and nationwide research about the impact of Family-School-Community Collective Efficacy.

Laura is passionate about teachers and teacher agency. She loves working with them and they love working with her. As CEO of Kid Champions Consulting Laura helps teachers and schools humanize and transform teaching and learning, whether it’s face to face and/or virtual.


Agents of Change: Leaders/Innovators

  • 30,000 ft. view – Why do we, as a society invest in education?
  • What drew you to education?
  • What do you love about what you do?
  • Tell us a story or favorite memory about your work in education
  • What are the biggest challenges or obstacles you face?
  • What would you like decision makers to know?

Podcast/book/Links shoutouts

Sarah Truebridge and her Monday night Resilience Chat

Phyl Macomber of Every Child Can Learn,

Lisa Anna Palmer of Light Your Leadership


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