Education Perspectives

EP 8 Penny Christian - Education Advocate

April 27, 2023 Liza Holland Season 1 Episode 8
Education Perspectives
EP 8 Penny Christian - Education Advocate
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Show Notes


Penny Christian - Parent and Education Advocate

Quote of the Podcast – 

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. If there is no struggle, there is no progress." Frederick Douglass

Introduction of Guest BIO – 

Kathleen “Penny” Christian is a native New Orleanian who has called Lexington, KY home since 1992. She and her husband Claude are the proud parents of 4 wonderful daughters. She has been fighting for equity in education for 20-plus years. Penny has served as PTA president at both the elementary and middle school levels. She then advanced to 16th District PTA President in Fayette County, from 2019-2021. She is currently Vice President of Leadership Outreach for Kentucky PTA. Over the years, her advocacy work at the district level includes serving on the Parent Superintendent Interview Committee and parent Representative on the District Safety Advisory Council. She has facilitated multiple presentations with school administrators on the importance of PTA and Family Engagement. 

One of the most rewarding experiences for her has been being selected as a member of the Inaugural Cohort of the EdTrust Family Fellowship. In 2020, Penny completed her requirements to become a Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) Fellow with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence. She was selected as a member of Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence in 2020. She also serves as a member of the KY Collaborative for Families and Schools Advisory Council. Penny is currently a NPTA Legislative Committee member and served as a parent (family) representative on the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education, and now the Kentucky United We Learn Council.


Agents of Change: Leaders/Innovators

  • 30,000 ft. view – Why do we, as a society invest in education?
  • What drew you to education?
  • What do you love about what you do?
  • Tell us a story or favorite memory about your work in education.
  • What are the biggest challenges or obstacles you face?
  • What would you like decision-makers to know?

Podcast/book shoutouts

Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family/school Partnerships

Dual capacity framework by Karen Mapp

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