Education Perspectives

EP 15 Jayme Gill International Baccalaureate Coordinator Tates Creek Middle School

August 03, 2023 Liza Holland Season 1 Episode 15
Education Perspectives
EP 15 Jayme Gill International Baccalaureate Coordinator Tates Creek Middle School
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Show Notes

Jayme Gill is a deep thinker who believes in the importance of education for the functioning and development of society. Recognizing the necessity and comfort it brings, Jayme acknowledges the need to constantly evaluate and adapt the education system in order to maximize its benefits for students and the world at large. Jayme also emphasizes the role of education in preparing individuals to contribute and take care of future generations, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement and change in the educational landscape. Jayme's insights prompt us to question and challenge the status quo, ensuring that education evolves and remains impactful.

Education Perspectives is proud to welcome Jayme Gill to the podcast She is theInternational Baccalaureate Coordinatorat Tates Creek Middle School in Lexington. Jayme moved to Kentucky in 2000 to attend Transylvania University and graduated with a degree in French Language & Literature. She then went on to complete a Masters in Teaching World Languages from the University of Kentucky, despite growing up swearing she would never be a teacher! Jayme thought she would move away after Transy and maybe work as an interpreter or travel the world as a tour guide...but then she met someone. Jayme has a lovely husband and twin boys who keep her more than busy at home. They love travel, boating, fishing, and anything outside! Jayme student-taught at Tates Creek Middle and this is now in her 16th year working there. She taught French for 14 years at Creek, but when the International Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator position opened up, she couldn't resist. Jayme truly believes in what the programme can bring their students, families, teachers, and community!

Quote of the Podcast – 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela

Podcast/book shoutouts

The Lexington Podcast with Erica Friis (A former colleague and education, sharing knowledge!)

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